"Self pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world."
- Helen Keller1880-1968, Blind and Deaf Educator

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lousy Lupron

Is it me or does the Lupron sting? I thought I was a wiz at the subQ injection thing but I seem to hear myself say, "ow" every night- and I have had some nasty bruises on my tummy since I started this about 10 days ago.

I am into the game now with a transfer looking like around the 14th of August. Am I happy? I don't think I can say that yet. Am I hopeful? Same thing. Hope has not been my friend in the past so I step forward with some degree of caution. I have started to do my morning visualization ritual again, though. I picture the end in mind- what I truly want (my own live baby) as if I already had it. And then I revel in the feeling of that contentment.

Sound "Secret-esque"??? I was really into The Secret for a while and got A LOT of cool yet creepy financial rewards from the experience(which may be the subject of yet another future blog). Anyway, I began doing this morning visualization back 4 years ago and I stopped at about the time my mother died (which, by the way, the two-year anniversary is this Sunday, June 12). Even if nothing supernatural happens, at least the ritual gets me into a more hopeful place which I believe I will need much of in the weeks to come. In addition, I will be doing the usual- lucky socks, praying, etc.

My first ultrasound is on July 17- just a week before the 1 -year anniversary of Sally Ann.


Not on Fire said...

I am so sorry about the lupron. Are you sure that the alcohol has dried?

Good luck with your transfer.

Shelli said...

It's the compound it's mixed with. That and Ganirelix always stung for me too.

Thinking good thoughts for you. We all need to think positive.

mrsmuelly said...

Yes, I think Lupron hurts - at least just a bit. I use to rub it in - like with the progesterone shots, and that helped.

Fingers crossed and wishing on stars too. I think it's fabulous that you are visualizing the "goal".

Cara said...

Sorry this road is so long for you. Hang in with the visualizations -- and email me. Sounds like you have a plan in place.

Kami said...

I will be hopeful for you. A year . . . such a short and long time to grieve.