"Self pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world."
- Helen Keller1880-1968, Blind and Deaf Educator

Friday, February 13, 2009

Time Flies

Can it really be 2 weeks since I blogged? I guess it goes in waves and there are times I feel burnt out- like I need to retreat, so that I can come back, as my full, real self.

I am now on day 19 of the cancelled cycle. I could be pregnant though I am not really holding anything miraculous is going to happen right now.

In fact, I am now examining all the family building options I could have. I want to get off the roller coaster and start the phase of my life I call "family" more than to continue to struggle and fight for the things called "my genetic children." I don't know what road this journey will lead to. My secret hope is that I am one of those great stories you hear about regarding the friend that had an "oops" just as she resigned herself to another means for motherhood.


Natalie said...

One can always hope.

Mrs. Spit said...

Aww, Lisa.

I'm sorry. I've been on this road for awhile, and it does hurt so much.

It's hard to keep your chin up, when you keep getting hit square in the middle of it.

BagMomma said...

Oh boy, have I been there. I have always hoped to luck out too. ;-) *hugs*

mrsmuelly said...

Hoping for an "oops" too! I would love that story.

Cara said...

So glad to hear you out there!

Cycle by cycle is a hard way to live. I really hope your way happens - it will be such a miracle.


Travelwahine said...

Hoping with you and for you!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I hear you on the oops!!

Glad to hear from you.