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- Helen Keller1880-1968, Blind and Deaf Educator

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What else can I take?

What more can I handle? It feels like the fertility clinic really doesn't even want to do this damn IUI. They make a hard, emotional journey even more frustrating and painful than it is already!

First, they screw up my husband's blood test. He drives all the way to Boston for a freakin' HIV test (standard practice prior to fertility treatment) and they forget to have him sign a waiver. He had to get retested and then waits in the lab for 2 hours for the nurse to fax the orders in. Then- the lab faxes the results and the fertility clinic tells us they never received it, even though the fax was "successfully sent." Resend? I wish it was that easy. In the state of Mass, you can't just resend an HIV test- I guess it is against the law or something. Anyway, that is taken care of now, after much crying and begging.

This whole thing and they still haven't received the consult info from the perinatologist giving the go ahead for the IUI. I am running out of time for them to request insurance approval. The one saving grace is that I lied as to when my day one might be- it gives me an extra 3-4 days cushion- cause I knew this kind of shit would happen.

So I call my perinatologist. Is nothing easy? It seems I have a genetic mutation- Prothrombin Factor II mutation. What does that mean? I'll share more of what I know know later but, for now, it means my next pregnancy will require more steps to follow, more risks to take. For now, this insurance request can move forward. Everything is complete. Or is it?

Where the fuck are my pap results? I can't believe I am still waiting on this. And- of course there is more. I have to get in writing that I spoke with my doctor about this prothrombin deal? He submitted the diagnosis and treatment info in writing as requested. He spoke with the reproductive endocrinologist, assuring her he would share the info with me. I told them I got the info...and now they want another letter in writing before they submit for insurance? Now they're just fucking with me. I feel it's all a big joke and the joke is on me.


Zil said...

Ugh - why do they make it so hard.

I'm also in the Boston area and from your earlier Oct. post believe we have them same ins. and perhaps use the same hosp. I haven't even started fertility yet and I've already had dealings with both.

Hang in there!

Mrs. Spit said...

Pro thrombin is a blood marker, that can be a symptom of a clotting issue. Likely they will have you take lovenox until a few weeks before delivery, when they will switch you to heparin.

They might also have you take baby asprin.

No biggie.

Sorry this isn't working out.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm so sorry. Difficulties along the process make this whole journey harder. I'm routing for you.

Natalie said...

OMG this is nuts. :( I'm so sorry you're being put through the ringer.... I am feeling the time crunch too and it just makes me want to panic.