"Self pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world."
- Helen Keller1880-1968, Blind and Deaf Educator

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do all good things come to an end?

I had made a dried flower arrangement as a memorial to Sally Ann. I used a cool square vase that was given to me and added some of the flowers from the many bouquets I received. It was beautiful and so sentimental. As the flowers sat, they would sink down into vase a bit more each day, so I would add more on top from a plate of ones I kept. The vase sits next to Sally's urn, an angel sculpture that was sent to me and some cards that really "moved" me.

I came home last night to discover that the arrangement had molded. The beautiful colors had faded to a fuzzy grey-brown. Oh well- there is nothing I can do now. I dumped them in the garbage and left the smelly vase next to the pile of dishes I need to get to at some point. A clean sink doesn't seem to have the same allure and importance as it once did.

I am optimistic about my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am going to try to convince her to let me start next month rather than waiting. I know she has her agenda- and I have mine. In any case, I have always believed that all good things come to those who ask.


Cara said...

Good thoughts...good things ...not always in the way we think ...but good results nonetheless! I'm thinking of you as you go to the appointment and hoping for GOOD NEWS!

Travelwahine said...

I'm sorry about the flower arrangement.

Keep us updated as far as your doctor's appt.

I hope you'll be able to convince her.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I can only begin to imagine how hard it was to throw away that flower arrangement. I hope the RE listens to you...

Lorraine said...

Hi -

I have just now found your blog and wanted to let you know that I am so so sorry. This is such a heartbreaking story, and you have told it with such clarity and generosity.

You seem so incredibly strong and positive given the circumstances. I wish you the very best.