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Friday, August 1, 2008

A hospital from nowhere

I was admitted into the hospital. Nothing was happening tonight. The nurse told me to let her know if I stated to go into labor. The doctor said it could happen at any moment. This was not good news. My husband and I got a private room and paid for a cot for him to sleep on. The room was old and very small. It wasn't dirty per say- just old. I kept reminding myself of the hospitals my mom was in. Her rooms were bigger, but pretty much like this one- old.

Every additional thing is on a cash-only, a la carte system. You have to pay in cash daily for a cot, tv access, even pillows and blankets. They didn't even give us a towel for the room. Since it was so late at night, they couldn't give me any pillows or blankets- that department was closed apparently. Hubby went to a nearby walgreens and bought me a blanket. They had one in the whole store. I guess it was meant for me. I used my clothes as a pillow.

The next morning, the doctor came to see me. The ultrasound looked the same. No fluid and baby was doing well. No labor. That was good. He told me that in some instances, though rare, the fluid does reaccumulate and so just to stay put on bed rest and see what happens.

That was the status quo for the next week. On day three my body had miraculoisly started reaccumulating fluid- a miracle baby and she was mine! Two days later, the fluid leaked out and we were back to square one. In the meantime, I was speaking with my OB's office daily and they were telling me the same thing- the fluid could come back, and that was my only hope, so stay on bed rest. It was easy for them to say. They weren't in a community hospital in puerto rico.

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angelee said...

It took you reminding me at the end that this was the community hosptial in Puerto Rico to bring me back to my senses. This is the hospital recommended by your hotel's conscierge??