"Self pity is our worst enemy, and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in the world."
- Helen Keller1880-1968, Blind and Deaf Educator

Friday, August 8, 2008

At last!

Let me digress...I will never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant. There had been a misunderstanding as to when I was supposed to have the pregnancy test. I could have sworn that the nurse told me Sunday. I clearly remember that was hard since I was on vacation, visiting my dad in NY and I wasn't sure where to go on a Sunday for this test. I ended up waiting until Monday and going to a local hospital.

As it turns out, I was supposed to wait until Wednesday. My fertility nurse called me later that day to let me know it was too early, that the test would not be accurate this early and to retake it on Wednesday. I would be back home by then so I would go to a different hospital near my work.

So there I was on Wednesday morning, waiting for the attendant to enter in all the information into the computer, waiting for the needle prick that could change my life- I was so nervous I was sweating- and my phone rang. No cell phones in the office- but I looked down and it was the fertility nurse.

I excused myself for a moment and left the office to take the call. "I don't want to gets your hopes up, but the test you took the other day came back positive." Tears streamed down my face.


I was pregnant.

It was a sentence I had longed to hear for 3 years.

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angelee said...

Thank you for a ray of joy in the midst of all these tears I'm crying. :)